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Abramo is a trendsetter in the Benelux apero industry. It exists since 1990 as a young and dynamic company, located in Zwevegem (Belgium). With the aim of innovation being upheld, the enterprise developed into a strong mid-size company  employing forty people. Abramo’s delicacies are an example of workmanship according to traditional methods, highlighting accuracy and passion for food. Quality and freshness go without saying along with all this.

Abramo, specialist in fresh products, is also active in the business of frozen food, bearing the same philosophy in mind. Raw materials are being carefully selected before going through the manufacturing process. Everything the company produces is home-made, even the herbs are mixed before preparation. Therefore, the firm has made far-reaching efforts to perfectly meet regulations around hygiene and traceability. Abramo represents an impeccable quality.

The flexible nature of the enterprise allows a quick reaction on moving trends in the market such as Belgian-French pastry and Brasilian tortillas, this way providing worldwide cuisine. From a conventional puff pastry up to the most innovating appetizer, Abramo, being an expert in the field, joins forces with his customers until the picture is complete.